Micro Tech Power Generation and Construction

Data Acquisition & Machine Diagnostics System

The field-proven ADRE† Machine Data Acquisition System handles a broad range of data acquisition tasks, enabling users to spend minimal time reducing machinery data and more time interpreting it.

This rugged multi-channel machine DAQ combines fast processing power with ease-of-use for professional machinery diagnosticians. Viewing options in the data logging system include automatic waveform selection for plots, multiple cursors for all plot types, and a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing.

The Single Board Computer offers faster boot speed, lower power requirements, SAS disk drive technology, and a reinforced mounting case for better shock resistance. This highly portable monitoring system is as useful for machine asset condition monitoring and assessment tasks on the test stand as well as in the field in real-time.

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Visual ODSTM Use Example

A blower fan located on the roof of a building was experiencing severe vibration, throwing off belts, and creating high noise and vibration levels throughout the building. All attempts to balance the fan had not solved the problem.

A set of ODS data was taken while the fan was running, using a 2-channel analyzer with a tachometer signal. A set of Peak & Phase data at the operating speed of the motor was acquired. The animated ODS showed that the base of the motor at the end opposite the belt was moving out of phase with the motor. Removing some paint from the base of the motor revealed a previously undetected crack in the motor mount. After repairing the crack, the fan was re-balanced and the severe vibration and noise problem was solved.


ODS – Videos

Using the same technology that robotic vision and autonomous vehicle companies utilize to detect objects in motion, MEscope ODS Videos™ accurately measures surface vibration from a high-speed video recording. Using accurate time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from the video, all of the time-tested features of MEscope can be used to document the vibration.

With the MEscope ODS Videos™ package, you can post-process the time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from a vibration video recording, and record clear color videos of the ODS animation.  You can also store the time waveforms. frequency spectra, ODS’s & videos in a machine-based archival database.