Vibrations Analysis

What Is Vibration Analysis?

Vibration analysis is defined as a process for measuring the vibration levels and frequencies of machinery and then using that information to analyse how healthy the machines and their components are. While the inner-workings and formulas used to calculate various forms of vibration can get complicated, it all starts with using an accelerometer to measure vibration. Anytime a piece of machinery is running, it is making vibrations. An accelerometer attached to the machine generates a voltage signal that corresponds to the amount of vibration and the frequency of vibration the machine is producing, usually how many times per second or minute the vibration occurs.

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Vibration Analysis – Portable Instruments:

Portable Vibration Analyzers, Data Collectors and Machine Diagnostic Systems

Portable Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Our handheld vibration analysers and data collectors combined with the ADRE 408 advanced diagnostics system allow you to take Bently Nevada†’s powerful diagnostic capabilities virtually anywhere, supporting the walk-around component of today’s condition monitoring and are integral to our proactive Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) program

Our comprehensive vbX and SCOUT†series of portable vibration data collectors and analysers will meet all your needs for both route-based machine data collection, and for analysis of problem-machines. These instruments are light, fast, easy to use, and very capable. They store their data to the same modern System 1† vibration monitoring software that is used by Bently customers globally to chart, alarm, and analyse their machine health.

The ADRE 408 is optimized to provide the most advanced rotating equipment diagnostics. It is specifically designed for multichannel signal processing and data acquisition on your large critical machines. Specialized ADRE Sxp software provides the powerful charting and analysis tools to diagnose even the most challenging machinery faults.

Portable Vibration Data Collectors & Analysers

vbX, SCOUT100 & 200

Our extensive portfolio of portable instruments will cover all your vibration monitoring needs: data collection, balancing, analysis; non-rated through to Intrinsically Safe; single instrument or powerful modern connectivity.

The SCOUT100 and vbX series are trusted work-horses of the vibration analysis industry. They have established themselves as extremely capable yet easy-to-use instruments, supporting all uses from regular data collection through to complex onsite analysis. The broad range of instruments in this series allows you to meet your needs for features, price and hazardous area ratings.

SCOUT200 represents the new evolution in portable instruments. It de-couples data acquisition and display, freeing you to use the industrial handheld of your choice, providing the best options for screen size, portability, connectivity, flexibility, while maintaining industrial strength and extreme hazardous area ratings.

All of these instruments work seamlessly with Bently Nevada’s modern System 1machine condition monitoring software. Use this to prepare routes, analyze data, detect long-term trends, set and detect alarms. This is the same powerful software that drives the complete range of Bently Nevada monitors. So you’ll have one source of the truth, modern and plantwide.

Vibration Software:

System 1 Condition Monitoring Software

Plant-Wide Machine Health Monitoring and Asset Protection System

Why Condition Monitoring?

The success of any process-intensive industry relies heavily on the proper care and management of the machinery powering the work. Unplanned outages or inefficient maintenance routines can reduce productivity and eat away at your profits. 

At Bently Nevada†, we understand the challenges our customers face. Our System 1 Condition Monitoring software has been designed as an all-in-one answer to even your most difficult machine asset management and health monitoring challenges. Building on the strategic pillars of ConnectivityAnalytics, and Visualization the System 1 platform provides the plant-wide critical asset monitoring data and analytics solutions you need to keep your plant running smoothly and avoid unwanted downtime.

System 1’s connected platform gathers and stores important machine health data across your entire enterprise in one central location, for real-time analysis, diagnosis and preventative condition-based maintenance planning. Make data-informed decisions and achieve true operational intelligence with System 1.

ADRE – Data Acquisition & Machine Diagnostics System

The field-proven ADRE† Machine Data Acquisition System handles a broad range of data acquisition tasks, enabling users to spend minimal time reducing machinery data and more time interpreting it.

This rugged multi-channel machine DAQ combines fast processing power with ease-of-use for professional machinery diagnosticians. Viewing options in the data logging system include automatic waveform selection for plots, multiple cursors for all plot types, and a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing.

The Single Board Computer offers faster boot speed, lower power requirements, SAS disk drive technology, and a reinforced mounting case for better shock resistance. This highly portable monitoring system is as useful for machine asset condition monitoring and assessment tasks on the test stand as well as in the field in real-time.

Visual ODS

An animated ODS shows how your machine or structure is moving in slow motion. By animating the ODS’s of a structure, you can see what can’t be seen any other way; a structure’s overall motion and the motion of one part relative to another. Excessive vibration levels and loose or damaged parts are easily identified from an animated ODS display.

Visual ODS™ lets you see how a machine or structure is moving by animating ODS’s directly from a set of time of frequency domain experimental data.

Visual ODSTM Use Example

A blower fan located on the roof of a building was experiencing severe vibration, throwing off belts, and creating high noise and vibration levels throughout the building. All attempts to balance the fan had not solved the problem.

A set of ODS data was taken while the fan was running, using a 2-channel analyzer with a tachometer signal. A set of Peak & Phase data at the operating speed of the motor was acquired. The animated ODS showed that the base of the motor at the end opposite the belt was moving out of phase with the motor. Removing some paint from the base of the motor revealed a previously undetected crack in the motor mount. After repairing the crack, the fan was re-balanced and the severe vibration and noise problem was solved.

ODS – Videos

Using the same technology that robotic vision and autonomous vehicle companies utilize to detect objects in motion, MEscope ODS Videos™ accurately measures surface vibration from a high-speed video recording. Using accurate time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from the video, all of the time-tested features of MEscope can be used to document the vibration.

With the MEscope ODS Videos™ package, you can post-process the time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from a vibration video recording, and record clear color videos of the ODS animation.  You can also store the time waveforms. frequency spectra, ODS’s & videos in a machine-based archival database.