Products on offer
new - refurbished - to rent

Products on offer

We offer a wide variety of New and Refurbished Condition Monitoring Instrumentation for sale or to hire
Infrared Cameras

Thermal imaging of Electrical and Mechanical plant

Vibration loggers

Data collection, Electrical and Mechanical rotating equipment

Oil laboratory

Oil analysis of Plant and Earth moving machinery lubrication

Operational deflection shape (ODS)

Structural analysis

Motor circuit analysers

In-field motor circuit analysis of Electrical motor circuit

Power Quality analysers

Power quality analysis of Electrical network

Corona cameras

Inspection of High Voltage Electrical discharge

Laser alignment

Alignment of Electrical motors and Gearboxes

Ultrasonic thickness test

Wall Thickness testing of industrial equipment

Automatic lubricators

Permanently installed Automatic lubricators

asset management software

Maintenance management software


Hands-on Training in all of the discipline's we have on offer

Thermal Camera for Face Temperature Scanning

Fixed or Portable Fever scanning Infrared cameras


Watch this space for more new and exiting products


Watch this space for more new and exiting products


Watch this space for more new and exiting products

Products and Services we specialise in

Condition monitoring and instrumentation

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring programs that combines current best practices with world class maintenance programs and technology to offer our clients a safe and reliable approach to managing their plant availability and asset lifespan in a cost effective and sustainable manner

On-Line Monitoring (RTCBM)

Flow - (Gearboxes / Pumps / Hydraulic)
Pressure - (Gearboxes / Pumps / Hydraulic)
Temperature - (Electrical motors / Equipment)
Current - (Electrical Motors)
Vibration - (Gearboxes, Centrifuge’s, Bearing assemblies, Crushers, Etc.)
Oil and lubrication (Gearboxes, Etc.)
ODS (Structures and Pplant)
Liner wear (Screens / Cyclones)
Wheel wear (Stacker / Reclaimer)
Conveyor belts (All anomalies)
Idlers (OEM input)
Strain gauge (Stacker / Reclaimer booms)
Eccentricity (Bearing gap)
Motor circuit analysis

Oil Laboratory

State of the art Oil laboratory for Oil analysis for the following industry, Mineral processing plants, Earth moving machinery, Underground Production machines, Manufacturing plants, Smelting industry Power generating plants, Air handling plants

Turnkey Projects

RTCBM, Turnkey solutions / modular approach, Field instrumentation, Instrumentation cabling, Server solutions, UPS racks, Network software, Field signal integration, Condition monitoring software, Integration into Computer maintenance management system, Plant audits, On-site training of maintenance personnel or Service level agreement for peace of mind

Field Services

Field service technical staff for all of the Condition Monitoring and Instrumentation driplines and products we have on offer

Root cause investigations

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