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Operational Cost Reduction through special technology for air and gas flow measurement:

Thermal mapping of Boilers and Furnaces
SeiSpain - Boiler watch

Boilerwatch ® MMP-II-SSX

  • Power Plant and Refinery Application
  • Combustion Performance
  • Noise/Leak Detection    
  • Soot Blower Control
  • Start Up Temperature Control
  • Ash hopper blockage detection
  • Air Register Control
  • Delay Coker Furnace
  • Visbreaker Furnace
  • Hydrogen Reformer
  • Crude Unit
Process Instrumentation for Haul Truck Monitoring

Bently Nevada Baker Hughes

Customized Monitoring Solution for Haul Trucks:

Our sensors, installed in a strategic location, can collect data at the most critical moments, ensuring to capture conditions such as when the truck is loaded and running at a constant speed, as well as its
unloading stages.

To guarantee data collection reliability, our system is capable to store and buffer all information and send
it directly to a data acquisition center whenever connectivity is established.

Due to specific signal monitoring and its analysis, it becomes possible to make decisions that allow maintenance optimization and increase  of truck availability.

  • Failures in the generator-alternator (bearings/electrical)
  • Failures in the gear pump (bearings/internals)
  • Failures in the piston pump (bearings/internals)
  • Failures in the wheel external bearing
  • Failures in the wheel planetary gears/bearings

Operation deflection shape and Modal Analysis

Vibrant Technologies - Me Scope

  • ODS Animation
  • FRF Based Modal Analysis
  • Operational Modal Analysis
  • Vibro-Acoustic analysis
  • Dynamics Modeling and Simulation
  • Structural Dynamics Modification  
  • Experimental FEA
  • On-Line data logging and analysis
  • Environmental surveillance
  • Machine surveillance
Process Instrumentation for Air flow, Coal flow, UBC, etc

Promecon Process Instrumentation

Power Generating Plants

Steel Manufacturing Plants and Furnaces 

Cement Manufacturing

Waste to Energy

  • FFFR (Fossil fuel firing regulation) compliance
  • Base line testing (Thermal efficiency, Boiler optimization)
  • Heat Rate (Turbine efficiency)
  • Air flow and Temperature measurement (PRI, SEC, OFA, Air Heater)
  • Coal particle size analysis (PSA)
  • Mill performance (Mass Flow, Sate controller)
  • Unburned carbon measurement
  • PF Mass flow and balancing (Coal)
  • Air heater leakage and efficiency measurement
  • Oxygen measurements
  • Trimming dampers
  • Multi V probe (Temp, velocity, O2)
  • CFD Modeling

Aerial Inspection Systems for Overhead Power Lines and Infrastructure

FLIR Systems - Corona 350 II

  • Multi Sensor Gimbal – (UV-IR-HDVid-HDStill)
  • Mission Management Mill Spec Computer
  • Mission Planning Software
  • Mission review,  export, analysis and reporting
  • Operator configurable display 

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