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Vibration Loggers - Portable Instruments

Our handheld vibration analysers and data collectors combined with the ADRE† 408 advanced diagnostics system allow you to take Bently Nevada†’s powerful diagnostic capabilities virtually anywhere, supporting the walk-around component of today’s condition monitoring and are integral to our proactive Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) program. 

Our comprehensive vbX† and SCOUT† series of portable vibration data collectors and analysers will meet all your needs for both route-based machine data collection, and for analysis of problem-machines. These instruments are light, fast, easy to use, and very capable. They store their data to the same modern System 1† vibration monitoring software that is used by Bently customers globally to chart, alarm, and analyse their machine health.

The ADRE 408 is optimized to provide the most advanced rotating equipment diagnostics. It is specifically designed for multichannel signal processing and data acquisition on your large critical machines. Specialized ADRE Sxp software provides the powerful charting and analysis tools to diagnose even the most challenging machinery faults.

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