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Micro Tech Power Generation and Construction has more than 25 years’ experience in asset management and process automation instrumentation solutions.

With IOT (Internet of things) driving the 4th Industrial revolution in almost all spheres of life and industry we have aligned ourselves with world class product and solution providers to ensure we offer our end users proven technology to optimize and safeguard their operations. We have also been involved in many turnkey projects across the globe with years of project management experience, ensuring safe, on time, and within budget completion of projects.

Micro Tech Power Generation and Construction’s compliment of professional personnel have undergone rigorous domestic as well as internationally accredited training courses to ensure we offer the best solutions and optimum service across our full range of service offerings.

Micro Tech Power Generation and Construction also use complimentary disciplines that we have successfully developed and mastered over time to address our end users need for reliability, optimization and secure asset management.

Micro Tech Power Generation and Construction has, Integrated Risk Management Solutions, RTCBM (Real Time Condition Based Maintenance) Programs and Solutions, Protecting of Employees, Customers and goods, Specialised Process Automation Products Solutions and Aerial solutions for both manned and un-manned aircraft.

We have a keen interest in Power generation plants (Thermal, Solar and Wind), Mineral processing plants, The Smelting industry, Industrial and manufacturing plants, Building facilities management, Farming and Wildlife.

What We Offer (Field services, sales, rental, Specialised services)

Micro Tech Power Generation and Construction offers a wide spectrum of Condition monitoring and instrumentation solutions 

Condition Monitoring:
Services or Hire of equip

Infrared inspections and analysis

Vibration data collection and analysis

Oil analysis

Motor circuit analysis

Power quality analysis

Laser alignment


Operational deflection shape analysis

Non destructive testing (UT-MPI-DPI)

Partial discharge analysis

Corona detection and analysis

Aerial inspections

For sale, New or Refurbished

ATS - Automatic lubrication systems

FLIR - Infrared cameras and Gimbals

Logos - Asset management software

Logos - Thermal trend software

OFIL - Imagers for corona inspections

SkyEye - Drones for aerial inspections

Promecon - Process instrumentation

SeiSpain - Thermal mapping of Boilers

Bently Nevada BH Digital Solutions

Micro Tech - Vibration sensors

BJM Corp - Motor circuit analysers

Fluke - Power quality analysers

Easy Laser - Laser alignment equipment

Vibrant technologies - Me Scope, ODS

Spectro Track - Oil analysis

Specialised Equipment: Installations or Services

Process automation instrumentation
(Air and coal mass flow, unburned carbon)

Boiler and furnace monitoring
(Thermal mapping mapping of boilers, visbreaker’s, delayed Coker’s)

On-line vibration analysis
(Permanent installation of sensors, remote monitoring)

Turbo machinery analysis
(Turbines, generators, pumps, etc.)

ODS (Operational deflection shape)
Modal analysis of plant and structures

Large oil purification systems and vacuum dehydration for large plants

Fluid management (Turnkey solution)

Balancing of Turbo machinery (Turbines, generators, pumps, etc.)

Multi spectral sensors (IR, UV, Lidar, etc.) for Aerial inspections and surveys

Asset management software

Our Expert Team

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