Overview of The Oil Laboratory

LazerNetFines - Particle Counter to test ISO cleanliness (Spectro LNF Q 200)
New Standard: 3 part: >4um >6um >14um Particle & Shape Classification

Kinematic Viscometer to test oil viscosity (SpectroVisc Q 300)
ASTM D445 Viscosity at 40°C or 100°C (Viscosity grades 32-46-68-150-220-320-460)

Rotating Disc Spectrometer to test for Wear metals, Contaminants, Additives (SpectroOil Q 100)
Element Analyzer

Spectro FTIR to test for Water, (SpectroOil Q 400)
Soot, TBN, TAN, Oxydation, Nitration, Fuel dilution, etc.

Midas to test for FQ
Mg Fe / Liter of oil (Magnetic)

Microscopic Analysis
Sliding wear, Cutting wear, Fatigue Wear, Non Ferous